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Welcome to Online Bible School! Online Bible School is a joint ministry of Firm Foundation New Zealand and Caversham Community Church, both in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Our courses are free and open to all, and no registration is required. Simply click on the Zoom link below at the appropriate time.

For audio files, notes, and recommended reading for our courses, please see below.

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Topical Studies in John

Tuesdays from 7-8 pm on Zoom

In conjunction with our inductive Bible study in John, Jeff Coleman is teaching on various doctrinal topics that arise from John's gospel. Topics such as Jesus' deity, spiritual birth, evangelism, and the order of salvation are covered. Jeff will discuss these topics in greater depth, connecting the theology of John's gospel with the Bible as a whole. You are welcome to join us every Tuesday evening at 7 pm at the Zoom link above.

Recommended reading:

John 1 and Jesus' Deity

Jeff Coleman, 1 April 2020

John 3 and the Eternal Generation of the Son

Jeff Coleman, 8 April 2020

John 3 and Spiritual Birth

Jeff Coleman, 15 April 2020

John 4 and Evangelism

Jeff Coleman, 22 April 2020

John 6 and the Order of Salvation

Jeff Coleman, 20 May 2020

John 6 and Total Depravity

Jeff Coleman, 26 May 2020

John 6 and God's Desire to Save All

Jeff Coleman, 16 June 2020

John 6 and Unlimited Atonement

Jeff Coleman, 23 June 2020

John 6 and God's General Call, Part 1

Jeff Coleman, 30 June 2020

John 6 and God's General Call, Part 2

Jeff Coleman, 7 July 2020

John 6 and Negative Volition

Jeff Coleman, 14 July 2020

John 6, Unbelief, and Condemnation

Jeff Coleman, 21 July 2020

John 6, God's Wrath, and Hell

Jeff Coleman, 4 August 2020

John 6 and Positive Volition

Jeff Coleman, 11 August 2020

Completed Courses

The Atonement in John

Completed April 2020

Teacher: Roland Broadbent

The atoning work of Christ--His sacrifice on our behalf--is vital to our new birth, our regeneration. On Mondays at 7pm, we will look at the events and sayings in the Gospel of John that are relevant to the Atonement.

Messianic Prophecies in the Torah

Completed April 2020

Teacher: Brendan Maynard

The Torah, also known as the Pentateuch or the Book of Moses, is the first five books in the Bible and is the foundation for understanding who God is and His plan for the salvation of mankind. Both God and His plan are finally and fully revealed in the person of the Messiah, Jesus (John 14.9). Please join us on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm to learn how the Torah sets the stage for both a robust Messianic expectation as well as the central theme of the rest of the Bible.

Recommended reading:

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