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March 23, 2021

Living as a Christian in Our Brave New World

Aldous Huxley published his dystopian novel Brave New World in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression and just before Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. As Neal Postman pointed out in Amusing Ourselves Ourselves to Death (1985), Huxley’s novel differs significantl...
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In C. S. Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet (1938), the main character, Ransom, a philologist, is drugged and kidnapped by Devine, an old schoolmate, and Weston, a great physicist, and transported in a spaceship from Earth to Malacandra, which we later learn is Mars. Once ar...
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A representative from New Zealand's education department expressed concern that our six-year old, Abraham, would be improperly socialized as a homeschooler. Averil's response was great: We definitely agree that social interaction with a range of people is important. May I sh...
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John Piper’s article, “How to Live under an Unqualified President” (January 20, 2017) was sent to me this week by a friend here in New Zealand. He wanted to know my opinion about it. Here's what I wrote:  I have three thoughts. First, I think American believers sh...
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