“God is really using you in powerful ways to do what I believe are exactly the most important things that we as Christians can be doing in the world of today. I am thankful to see how you are using your education, and more importantly, how you are cooperating with the empowering Holy Spirit in the world that God has prepared for you to be doing there in New Zealand."

- Nathan J., Dallas, Texas

“It gives me much hope for New Zealand to see more and more people study the Bible in Averil and Jeff's groups. It’s a long prayed for dream starting to come true. Thank you for your support. You will share in the reward when Jesus Christ comes back.”

- Barbara K., Precept Ministries New Zealand, Manukau

“What a wonderful asset you are to the Christian community and the whole of Timaru people—young and older. Your efforts, energy, and desire to serve the Lord is so encouraging to us—and I am sure to many.”

- David B., Timaru

“Jeff, I really appreciate your introduction to the Inductive Bible Study material. I've not been actively studying the Bible with others for over 10 years, and your careful leadership has helped me gain a new enthusiasm to learn and understand scripture with others. Thank you for your faithful hard work, using technology to reach many like me across New Zealand. As a result I'm not scared to read the book of Daniel. I’m starting to understand its message as a result of your in-depth teaching. I now want to learn more from other prophets in scripture. Thank you so much!”

- Ken B., Tauranga

“After meeting Jeff by attending an apologetic series he ran during the year, Jeff's ministry in Timaru has helped shape me into the Christian I am today, this has been through the bible studies on Philippians and Acts Part 1, as this has deepened my knowledge and understanding of the word of God, and also through his mentor ship, training me to become an evangelist. I can't thank Jeff and his ministry enough for the positive impact it has had in my walk with God.”

- Craig B., Temuka

“I thank God for bringing Jeff and Averil to Timaru to serve in and be part of our fellowship in Timaru. Jeff has been a keen leader with his approach to evangelism and has witnessed to many people while taking with him others to learn the skills and confidence to do street evangelism. We have also enjoyed the inductive bible studies which have supplemented our home group study time and helped bring some formal bible study for some who have not experienced that form of study. Our home group wants to use these inductive studies from time to time in the coming year.”

- Matt C., Timaru

“I would recommend the Firm Foundation style of Bible study to anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Our group represented individuals from various churches around Timaru who all believed the Bible, and there was no deviating from the subject being studied. Prayer at the beginning and end of each session connects us to the circumstances that are current in each of our lives. I am looking forward to continuing in Acts Part 2. Part 1 really laid a good foundation of the transition between the Mosaic law and the birth of the church empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

- Linda P., Timaru

“We have appreciated Jeff’s messages on Sunday mornings at church, and it has certainly been a help for our elders to have another man to share this responsibility. We feel that Jeff and Averil have increased the co-operation between churches in our town, as they have encouraged Christians to share their faith at the beach and on the streets, and also through the Precepts studies that they have introduced to the churches here. We have found these studies especially helpful. We intend to carry on with them as other facilitators, whom Jeff has trained, continue to lead these groups now that Jeff and Averil have moved onto Dunedin. This method of study has increased our desire to learn more and to do more in depth study, which we find very rewarding. We are missing Averil, Jeff, and family as we have become firm friends. But we believe they will be able to more fully use their gifts in Dunedin.”

- Neroli and Barry G., Timaru

“Just want to let you know how much I’ve gained from studying Precepts Upon Precepts with the Thursday Ladies Group. We’ve learned so much and I know like myself, other ladies in the group have grown leaps and bounds in our spiritual walk. So thank you very much for bringing Precepts upon Precepts study into Timaru.”

- Michella B., Timaru


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