Study Philippians

We are currently engaged in a nine-week inductive Bible study of Philippians that includes daily personal Bible study, weekly small group discussion, and Sunday evening preaching at Caversham Community Church in Dunedin. We invite you to join us. New students may join at any time.

Daily Individual Bible Study

Students complete 15-30 minutes of Bible study homework per day using one of the Philippians workbooks below. They use a methodical three-step inductive approach that includes detailed observation of the biblical text, accurate interpretation of questions that arise, and application to one's daily life. Daily personal study is followed by weekly small group discussion (see below).

Weekly Small Groups

Upon completing the daily Bible study homework, students (including youth) meet in weekly small groups at various locations around Dunedin. Small group discussions focus on the homework  completed during the week. There are various options, and students pick the group most convenient for their schedule.

Weekly Worship and Preaching

On Sunday evenings at Caversham Community Church, 17 Playfair Street, Caversham, Dunedin, we sing, pray, celebrate the Lord's supper, and then hear preaching on the Bible passage we have studied during the week.

This three phase approach of daily personal study, weekly small group discussion, and weekly preaching helps the content of the book we are studying really stick in our minds. This ideally leads to huge changes in our lives, so that we become more and more like Jesus over time.


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