Leader Expectations

Thank you for your interest in serving as an adult leader at our youth Bible camps! Before applying, we want you to understand our vision and leader expectations.

Our aim is lifelong impact on the hearts and minds of youth. We want to equip our campers for adulthood. Everything we do is toward the goal of producing spiritually-mature adult believers who are well-prepared to lead the New Zealand church in the next generation.

Fun is not the primary purpose of our camps. Our focus differs from other camps. While of course we will have fun, our focus is training campers how to study the Bible in a disciplined way so that they will do so for a lifetime.

We seek leaders open to serving for the long term. We want leaders who will serve at multiple camps. By reducing turnover, our bond with one another grows and teamwork improves. You’re not signing up for the long term by serving at this camp, but we want you to consider it.

We want leaders to serve joyfully with the abilities and talents God has given them. We want to place the right people in the right spots so that we function efficiently and effectively. Let us know what you’re passionate about!

We seek leaders who put campers first. Leaders are expected to spend lots of time with campers, including mentoring, guiding discussions, leading worship, overseeing activities, and handling conflict. We aim to be servant leaders to our campers.

We seek leaders who are passionate about the Bible. Most of our camps will focus on Bible study skills, but we are also hoping to start an annual biblical worldview camp. The ideal leader believes this type of ministry is very important.

We seek leaders who are faithful, responsible, and trustworthy. Leaders are expected to follow the lead of camp directors with a servant attitude. They must complete assigned tasks in a timely manner before and during camp and report on progress when necessary.

Our camps are designed to be simple and therefore easily reproducible. Ideally, inductive Bible study and biblical worldview camps for youth will be established throughout New Zealand as local churches and ministries see what we do and observe our effectiveness.

The health and safety of campers is paramount. We will meet the reasonable expectations of parents by avoiding unnecessary risk and maintaining constant supervision of campers. We will never operate at more than a 1:4 adult to camper ratio. Multiple leaders will be trained on first aid, and all male leaders will receive police background checks.

Thank you for allowing us to share our vision and leader expectations. If you wish to proceed, please fill in the leader application below.

Leader Application

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