Insights in Isaiah is a weekly teaching series on the book of Isaiah that takes place at Queens Drive Gospel Hall, Dunedin, every Wednesday from 7-8 pm. Our goal is to teach through every chapter of Isaiah over two years. Jeff Coleman is the primary teacher, but others teach as well. We usually cover one chapter per week. We encourage all participants to study chapters ahead of time so they are prepared to gain more insight into chapters they have already studied for themselves.

If childcare is the only thing preventing you from attending, please let us know. There are some options we could consider. Please contact us if you have any questions.

1: Yahweh's Indictment against Israel

3: Judah's Leadership Failure

4: The Holy Remnant of Israel in Jerusalem

Isaiah 11: The Shoot from Jesse's Stump

Isaiah 12: The Refrain of the Remnant

Isaiah 13: God's Wrath on Babylon (and the World)

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