Dunedin Church Planting

South Dunedin

South Dunedin is one of the areas of Dunedin where we'd like to plant. Many Dunedinites live, work, and shop here. The area is a mix of retirees, families, and singles. Surfers frequent St. Clair Beach, and a warm day finds many enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the cafes along the Esplanade. The vision of a church plant in South Dunedin is to reach every resident of this area with the gospel message and walk with those who express interest through the seeker-believer-disciple-disciple-maker stages of spiritual development.

Kaikorai Valley

Kaikorai Valley is a residential area that lies above the centre of Dunedin. Several neighborhoods funnel down into Kaikorai Valley, and many of those neighborhoods are without a vibrant, loving, Bible-teaching church. The goal of planting a church in this area of Dunedin would be to reach all neighborhoods around Kaikorai Valley with the gospel and going people into fully functioning disciples of Christ.


Mosgiel is well-established small town, now really a suburb of Dunedin. It is a fast-growing community that needs more vibrant, loving, Bible-teaching churches that take the initiative in sharing the gospel. Traditionally a more elderly population, young families are now moving in. The town is poised for much growth in the next 10-20 years. A church plant in Mosgiel will reach across the Taieri Plain and up to Green Island with the gospel message. What a great place for a church plant!

Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers is another area of Dunedin that needs a loving, vibrant, Bible-teaching church. Several churches in the Port Chalmers area have closed in recent years. It's time for the church to go back on the offensive in this area. Evangelistic church planting is the answer.

Otago Peninsula

Quite a few people live on the Otago Peninsula, but the distance from the city centre can prevent residents from attending church. Ideal would be a church plant convenient for residents to come to each week.

Northwest Valley

Northwest Valley has lots of student flats and the famous Baldwin Street. Planting a church in this area would reach many with the gospel message. Especially important in this area would be ministry to students of the University of Otago.

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