Are Your Kids Committed to the Christian Faith?

Children between ages 9 and 13 are at a critical age when they start to ask whether Christianity is really true. As a parent, do you need help in explaining to your children the historical foundations of the Christian faith?

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is a kids apologetic programme written by a former atheist, J. Warner Wallace, who served many years as a crime detective in Los Angeles, California. As a skeptic, he wondered if Christianity could possibly be true, so he applied the tools of forensic analysis to the question of Jesus' resurrection. He discovered there is more than enough evidence for the Christian faith, especially the resurrection of Jesus.

He and his wife have written this curriculum to help kids reason through the Christian faith so that they will be confident Christians in their teen and young adult years. The objective of running this programme in Dunedin is to train local kids "how to think, not just what to think" as they examine the Christian faith intelligently.

As part of this holiday programme, kids will receive a copy of Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, watch detective training videos, complete chapter activities and “case note” sheets, assemble an “Academy Notebook,” and hopefully qualify to earn a Case Makers Academy “Certificate of Merit.”

If this holiday programme is successful, it will be followed later by God’s Crime Scene for Kids and Forensic Faith for Kids. We hope your kids will come along!

The Details

Dates: Monday to Friday, October 5-9, 2020

Time: 10am - 2pm each day

Location: Mornington Presbyterian Church, 16 Maryhill Terrace, Maryhill, Dunedin

Ages: 9-13 (school years 5-9)

Curriculum: J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

Director: Jeff Coleman of Firm Foundation New Zealand

Lunch: Provided by one family each day

Cost: $50/child - please pay to Firm Foundation NZ: 02-0888-0137025-083

Maximum Number of Kids: 20

Daily Schedule

9.45 am - Parent drop-off

10 am - Morning session

11.30 am - Sport

Noon - Lunch

12.30 pm - Afternoon session

2 pm - Parent pickup


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