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The People Had a Mind to Work

Nehemiah 3-4

"So we built the wall. And all the wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work." - Nehemiah 4:6

With God's help, Nehemiah rallies the Jews living in the land of Israel in 445 bc to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, the same walls that had been destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 bc. The temple had been rebuilt in 516 bc, but Jerusalem was still wallless and open to attack. These walls would provide the Jewish people living in Jerusalem comfort, safety, and security and would be an indication that happier days for Israel were ahead. The building of the wall was a true team effort, and many leading families were directly involved in the work. The rebuilding of the walls took only 52 days. There came to be, however, much opposition.

Some life lessons we may learn from this account are: (1) good leaders must be able to rally people behind a common project and coordinate their activities so that the work is completed; (2) it takes teamwork to accomplish great projects for God; (3) when the work of God's people prospers, there will be opposition; and (4) when facing opposition, God's people must continue their work even as they take prudent steps to defend themselves.

Father, a tremendous rebuilding is happening at our church, and it is wonderful to see. Thank you for Mitch and Zac, who installed a new projector this past week. Thank you for our trust board that handles our finances and health and safety concerns. Thank you for Yolande, who publishes our newsletter and gets us stocked up with supplies. Thank you for the abundant giving that is regularly coming in and the giving and saving we are now able to think and pray about. Thank you for our current building and how it is a place of ministry. Thank you for our worship team. Lord, so many are involved and serving in various capacities. It is like the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah. Father, help our church to be unified. Also help us to expect opposition and be prepared for it. Help us to be Nehemiahs, who provide courageous, thoughtful, steady, inspiring leadership. May our actions be coordinated, and our processes be efficient, so that we can spend maximum effort and time on fulfilling the Great Commission. Help us to keep our number one priority the making of disciples. Continue to do a miracle at our church. In Jesus' name, amen.

- Jeff Coleman


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