Every Thought Captive to Messiah


I Will Speak

1 Kings 21-22

H - "But Micaiah said, 'As Yahweh lives, what Yahweh says to me, that I will speak.'" - 1 Kings 22:14

E - Hundreds of prophets are giving Ahab and Jehoshaphat the go ahead to attack Syria, but they are not true prophets of God. Micaiah is a true prophet who speaks on God's behalf. He is resolved to speak whatever God says to him. He is not a man-pleaser.

A - Father, what would you like me to speak? Do I have the resolve to speak it?

R - "See that today's church in New Zealand is like the early church in the Roman Empire. Follow the pattern of the early church. Do today what they did then. Be a people set apart, holy, and uncontaminated. Try to be at peace with all men, but stand your ground. Do not give an inch to atheism, naturalism, secular humanism, marxism, or postmodernism. Ground ethics and morals on me. Trust my written Word and follow the living Word, Jesus, my Son. I will tell you what to speak and give you the strength and courage to say it."

P - Amen, Father. Thank you for your set apart people. May we be the true community of light in Jesus Messiah. Strengthen your true Church in this evil day.

- Jeff Coleman


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