Every Thought Captive to Messiah


Peace for David Forevermore

1 Kings 2

H - "But for David, for his seed, for his house, and for his throne there shall be peace from Yahweh forevermore."  -  1 Kings 2:33

E - David has died, and Solomon is consolidating his power over Israel. He is Israel's rightful ruler, and he must do some housecleaning. He follows his father's instructions in dealing with certain men who have opposed David and his interests. Solomon believes in the Davidic covenant (2 Samuel 7).

A - Father, thank you for the Davidic covenant that leads to Jesus, the ultimate Son of David. The Davidic covenant is so important in human history. Jesus is our hero and rightful King. He comes from the line of David (Romans 1:3). He will reign on David's throne in the Millennium and beyond. Our job is to be loyal to Jesus, his house, and his throne. How loyal am I, Father?

R - "To be honest, Jeff, you need to be more loyal to King Jesus. Let your allegiance be to to his rule. Talk about his coming kingdom more and more. Believe wholeheartedly in his rule over the earth. You will be studying Isaiah as a church. Use that study to sharpen your loyalty to the Davidic throne and to the one who sits on the throne. Exalt King Jesus and not yourself. Follow his way of life."

P - Father, teach me how to exalt Jesus in my life. He is my King. As an American I'm not used to being loyal to a king. But I must learn. Thank you for the person of Jesus, that he is both God and man. Thank you for the kind of king he is. He is the absolutely perfect King! May my whole soul be for Jesus his kingdom. Amen.

- Jeff Coleman


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