Every Thought Captive to Messiah


Praise Him for His Excellent Greatness

Psalm 148-150

H - "Praise him for his mighty deeds. Praise him according to his excellent greatness!" - Psalm 150:2

E - The Psalms end with this song of corporate praise to God. The reason we are to praise him is because of what he has done and who he is. We simply must praise God, for he is our Creator (Psalm 149:2). It is necessary and right to praise him continually.

A - Father, how can I praise you more regularly in my life? So often I dwell on my own failures and problems and am not thankful. I struggle with my thoughts about other people. Things don't happen as I would like. My eyes shift off you and onto myself. But Lord, it is necessary to lift my eyes up to you and praise you. I want to give you the praise you deserve. You have done great things for me, and you yourself are amazing, great, loving, and powerful. I want to be in your presence, Lord, praising you continually. So, how may I better praise you in my life?

R - "Sing as much as you can to me. Bring music into your home.  Make music super-important in all gatherings with fellow believers. Read out the psalms and then sing. Take your time in praise and worship. Go out to the streets of Dunedin and sing. Dunedin needs to be a city of praise and worship. Support musicians in your midst.  Encourage the Cavy worship team to bring the church into my presence. These things give me delight."

P - Amen. Let's do it. I think of Martin Luther, Charles Wesley, and Isaac Watts. Music has always been a great part of the evangelical movement. May we in our churches and families be a part of that biblical tradition. May we praise you for what you do and who you are!  Amen.

-  Jeff Coleman


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