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I Have Gone Astray Like a Lost Sheep

Psalm 119:129-176, Psalm 139

H - "I have gone astray like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments." - Psalm 119:176

E - The great Psalm 119 ends with this verse. It's an interesting way to end. It shows the author is not perfect. But in his wandering he remembered God's commandments, his Torah. God is happy to seek those who remember his word. It's like Jesus' parable of the prodigal son.

R - Father, in my university days I went away like a lost sheep. I wanted to be cool and to experience what the world had to offer. I wanted women, popularity, fun, excitement, and praise. But through that time, your word, which had been instilled in me from youth, was always with me. You kept seeking me. I never could get away from your word. I took my Bible with me to China. I couldn't possibly leave it behind! I was regularly reading your word during the months leading up to my reconversion. Thank you that I did not forget your word when I was wandering like a lost sheep. Thank you for seeking me as you did. I wouldn't be here in New Zealand as a minister of the gospel if it weren't for your seeking me when I was lost.

P - Father, I pray for the lost sheep out there who are wandering but who have not forgotten your commandments. Seek them, Father, and bring them back to the flock to become true members of the body of Christ. We all stray, and we all need you to seek us. May we not forget your commandments.

- Jeff Coleman


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