Every Thought Captive to Messiah


A Broad Place

Psalm 18, 2 Samuel 9

H - "They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but Yahweh was my support. He brought me out into a broad place. He rescued me, because he delighted in me." - Psalm 18:18-19

E - David wrote this psalm on the day he was rescued from all his enemies. This is a prayer of praise. Finally security and peace have come to David. It's been many years since David enjoyed rest from conflict. This psalm also seems to hint at the experience of Messiah to come, Jesus.

A - Father, I am facing confrontation and personal conflict at the moment. I need your support. Am I walking righteously, as David walked? Are my hands clean? Am I keeping your ways? Do you delight in me, and will you rescue me?

R - "I do delight in you, my son. I am very pleased with you. Your heart is for me. You want what I want--the good of all in relation to me. Take heart and persevere. Don't give up. Keep balanced, and manage your time according to my interests. Be silent and still. Keep bringing up your children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Do things the biblical way, not the American or Kiwi way. Keep getting instruction from my word. All the guidance you need is found in my words. I will rescue you, and you will stand. Keep going."

P - Father, I appreciate your reassurance. Help me to spur the team on to greater maturity in Christ. Thank you for the stability and protection you provide. Thank you that I am in Christ and Christ is in me. Thank you for the example of diligent Christian workers of the past who provide examples for us today. May I be sold out for you, a true disciple of Jesus and one who makes more disciples of Jesus. I love you, Lord! Amen.

- Jeff Coleman


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