Every Thought Captive to Messiah


Yahweh Has Torn the Kingdom out of Your Hand

1 Samuel 28, 31

H - "'...Yahweh has torn the kingdom out of your hand and given it to your neighbour, David.'" - 1 Samuel 28:17

E - Saul is at war with the Philistines and is afraid of defeat. He seeks God's guidance, but God is silent. So Saul goes to the witch of Endor and asks her to call up Samuel from the dead. Samuel appears and pronounces judgment on Saul.

A - Father, I don't want to be like Saul. I don't want you to turn from me and become my enemy. I want to finish my course in ministry and as a church leader, with an honest and good heart. Please teach me what I need to do to be a man after your own heart, like David.

R - "Jeff, you are in many ways like David. Thank you for treasuring my word. Treasure it even more. Spend time with me. Don't let the details bother you. Go from grace to grace. Have confidence in me. Be diligent to preserve the unity of the Church. Keep leading under my direction. Don't give up. Seek my face. Be kind to all, but don't lose the vision or direction I give you."

P - Thank you, Father. David was a man after your own heart. Help me to be a man after your own heart. Please help me to listen to and obey the Spirit, and to obey your mission directives fully.

- Jeff Coleman


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