Biblical Worldview Training

The Forge Dunedin

The Forge Dunedin is a weekly apologetics programme that takes place on Sundays from 3.30-5pm at Caversham Community Church, Dunedin. Christians and non-Christians are invited, though the primary purpose is to equip Christians, both adults and youth. Please click here for the schedule.

Waihola Worldview Weekends

In 2021, we will run two biblical worldview weekend camps at CYC Waihola, a 30 minute drive from central Dunedin.

The first, on May 21-23, 2021, is for ages 9-13 and will cover eight arguments for the existence of God. Campers will stay the night in cabins, eat great food, engage in fun activities around the camp, and get great teaching on apologetics!

The second, on August 19-22, 2021, is geared for ages 16-25 and will cover many relevant apologetics topics. It is entitled "Truth for Youth" and has two keynote speakers, Todd Funk and Dr. Steve Kumar.

Biblical Worldview Resources

We love to study, collect, ponder, organise thoughts, and write on apologetics and biblical worldview topics. To view our library please click here. Or visit our blog.


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