Kia Ora

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus by partnering with local churches and ministries in the areas of disciple making, conversational evangelism, inductive Bible study, expository Bible teaching, and biblical worldview training, to the glory of God and by the power of the Spirit.

Visit a Local Church

We work closely with several churches in Otago and Southland. These are great churches that love God, teach the Bible, and welcome all people. Click on the links below to learn more.

Join a Discipleship Group

Are you looking for mentorship, teamwork, and accountability? We run several "D Groups" that consist of three to five men or women who meet together regularly to share life, discuss the Bible, hold one another accountable. These groups typically run for a year, so members can really get to know one another. Click here to learn more.

Share the Good News of Jesus

Multiple times per week we hit the streets of Dunedin to share the good news of Jesus in a respectful way. We ask worldview questions that almost always lead to gospel conversations. Many of these conversations are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. It is a joy the share the greatest story every told with so many in Dunedin. Let us know if you'd like to join us!

Study the Bible Inductively

Inductive Bible study is the gold standard in personal study of God's word! It involves three steps--observation, interpretation, and application--and can be done by children, teens, and adults. We've got several groups meeting in Dunedin and online, so there's bound to be a group that fits your schedule! Our Youth Bible Study for ages 10-16 meets every Friday evening in Dunedin and is popular with youth who are serious about Bible study. These Bible studies are evangelical and nondenominational. Let us know if you're interested!

Engage with In-Depth Bible Teaching

Jeff Coleman and Ric Sun, our primary Bible teachers, love to preach and teach God's word. We provide messages on theology, biblical topics, and all 66 books of the Old and New Testament. We love to show how the Bible fits together as one unified story about God, humanity, and our world. Jeff teaches regularly as an elder at Caversham Community Church, Dunedin, and Ric will be teaching regularly as an associate pastor of Christchurch Community Church. For study notes, commentary, and other resources, please click here.

Get Equipped to Answer Hard Questions

Through The Forge Dunedin and Waihola Worldview Weekends, we equip believers young and old how to defend the Christian faith and to make a positive case for Christianity. We deal with hard questions of science, sex, morality, and culture and show that the biblical worldview has true, satisfying answers on all of these hot-button topics. Click here to learn more.


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