The New Bible Belt of New Zealand?

Most Christians would agree...Dunedin is a spiritually dark city. But what if that could change through the power of the gospel?

We are a group of Christians who want to make a huge difference in our city. Our goal is to communicate the gospel to every person in Dunedin in a clear, meaningful, loving way and to see thousands in our city trust in Christ, become disciples and disciple-makers as we plant multiple churches across Dunedin and throughout the Otago region.

Bible Study Training

We are passionate about training Christians how to study the Bible so that they see its beauty, depth, and truth for themselves. We believe the Bible is God's guidebook for life. When we study it, reflect on it, and live it out, it produces blessing, power, and stability in our lives.

Unfortunately, many New Zealanders have lost trust in the Bible. Many view it as a nice book of irrelevant fairy tales. Through training believers, old and young, on time-tested inductive Bible study skills, we aim to see thousands of Kiwis discovering new joy in Bible study. 

Campus, Park, and Street Evangelism

We welcome you to participate in our effort to reach everyone in Dunedin and Timaru with the gospel message. We use a conversational evangelism method that emphasizes listening first. Having shared the gospel with almost 1500 New Zealanders over the past three years, we've discovered a great way to communicate the gospel in our secular, postmodern culture. Click below to find out more.


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