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Our worldview camps for ages 15-22 are usually for five days and are located near New Zealand's major population centres.  The goal of our camps is to strengthen the Christian faith of campers so that they become committed, faithful followers of Jesus who defend faith, navigate culture, and reach people with the gospel.

Our objective is to ask honest questions and deal with the most challenging topics of our generation from the perspective of God's word, the Bible. We do this in Christian community, engaging in friendship-building activities, small group devotions and discussions, worship, beach time, hikes, outdoor games, meals, and campfires.

We take a head, heart, hands approach. On days 1-2, we focus on the head by engaging in traditional apologetics topics, like the existence of God, the historicity of Jesus' resurrection, the reliability of Scripture, the creation-evolution debate, and the problem of suffering.

On days 3-4, we focus on the heart by dealing with comparative worldviews and difficult cultural topics like sexuality, gender, social media, and entertainment.

On day 5, we focus on the hands by training on personal habits, life skills, servant leadership, and standing for biblical principles in the public square.

We hope to see you there!

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with New Zealand churches and ministries to equip the next generation of Christians in the areas of apologetics, worldview, culture, and leadership, doing our best to prepare them for the difficult years ahead.

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